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     create "Your Own Personal" Schedule  
This is a SEBRA program for all riders, enabling each of you to select and create your schedule ... or more specifically your anticitated schedule

One of the most important features is that it will allow you to put multiple events on your schedule, with the same event date.

This permits you to watch the call-ins for all of them, at the same time, and to avoid you entering where the competition already entered, is beyond what you would like to ride against!

Pick the purse and the competion, then make your call-in.

Above it says this program is for all riders; meaning both pdMember riders and permit riders.  But you must search for your name, and then will be challenged for your "pin#".  This is to keep your planned schedule private, as well as preventing someone else from modifying or deleting your work.

More instructions on the  icons along the way.

All from your smartPhone, even while you are travelling!

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button to the top left, to begin.