News Release: Wild Card Qualifier Event

SEBRA is dealing its barrel racers and bull riders a new hand and there's a couple wild cards in it.

“We've got something exciting that's going to bring some new opportunity,” said SEBRA President Chan Canter.

Events this season through December 2nd will count toward the Wild Card event scheduled for December 16th.

While the top bull riders and barrel racers compete for the coveted spots to qualify for the SEBRA National Finals in Murfreesboro, TN in January, the bull riders in spots 36 to 65 as of Dec 2nd will be going to the new Wild Card Extreme Bull Riding and Barrel Racing in Columbiana, OH on Dec 16th.

“This is some incentive for those guys who are still cutting their teeth in the industry to hit as many SEBRAs as they can to qualify for a special event of their own,” said Canter.

The Wild Card event will see at least $2,000 in added money for bull riding and $500 in the barrel racing where barrel racers in spots 21 to 35 will also compete. Buckles will be awarded and the top three bull riders out of this event will get an automatic spot at the $25,000 added SEBRA National Finals, joined by the top two barrel racers from this qualifying event.

Money earned at the Wild Card won't count toward the SEBRA National Finals, which will be a self-contained event.

“Our goal is to give these young bull riders and cowgirls some extra reason to get to a SEBRA event when there's a shot at making this qualifying Wild Card show,” said Canter.

The summer sees so many events going on and many bull riders, especially, will often enter what's closest or even stay home during the mid-week fair shows, especially if they know they are falling too far behind to make the SEBRA National Finals.

“This gives them something to aim for a chance to be a part of something bigger within the association. At the same time, it helps us direct more contestants to SEBRA producers' events,” said Canter. “We hope this will give our producers a boost in the number of contestants with more working for a spot at the Wild Card.”

To qualify, both barrel racers and bull riders will have to compete in at least 10 SEBRA-sanctioned events and, of course, be card holders. All SEBRA events up until Dec 2nd will count toward the Wild Card as well as the SEBRA National Finals. The 2018 SEBRA Season will start December 3rd, 2017.

SEBRA also has another ace up their sleeves this season. With every $60 and higher entry fee, $2 will be collected toward at least a portion of the added money for the Wild Card event with another portion going toward covering the entry fees for the SEBRA National Finals. Any event, including barrel racing with $50 or lower entry fees, will see $1 from each fee going toward this. Any monies left over after fees will go toward added perks at the Finals. All funds collected from the entry fees will make their way back to contestants in one form or another.

“With these Wild Card changes, every SEBRA member from producers to contestants at the highest level to entry level competitors will have a chance to benefit,” said Canter.