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Coming soon ... Online Entry to Events!

You will soon be able to click on a link from an event and enter it online... from your cell-phone or a computer.

We will soon be doing trials on selected events & with a small number of selected members.

If you would like to participate in the upcome trials then please email and I will provide you your id# and pin#, and then contact you if you are selected to participate.


This section on the menu contains "the stuff" you need to compete.

Other parts of the menu have their own purposes, but here are the tools for knowing the event details, their locations, links to maps, call-in details and more.

If any of you can think of something else that is needed, for your planning, to make it easier "on the road" or whatever, please email me at

Good health and good fortune to you.

Standings for Seasons & Series

Standings for the regular season include every ride that is made during the season year; the results from each event are posted in the Results, and if a PayOff is involved, it adds to all prior payoffs for this same season. This information is accumulated in an "Earnings" file.

Any time you view Standings, you are looking at all the payoffs that have been posted. Should you have any questions or doubts about the totals, look at the drill-down and checkout all the posted events. Maybe some earnings you might be expecting have been posted yet.

Events and the earnings can only be posted as quickly the paperwork is received in our office and we can get to the data-entry. Looking on the drill-down you will be able to determine if an event has been posted or not.

Professionals for Hire

Many of our "Professionals" that have their own operations and businesses, are actually in business and are "for Hire".

Those shown here on these pages would like for you to hire them to perform services for you. Only paying SEBRA members are listed here. Their activities over the past few years within SEBRA will soon be a part of this system

If any of you can think of something else that would make it easier to make a decision about hiring one of our Professionals, then please email me at

*** Please note; new things in works and coming soon ... About Forms

SEBRA uses forms to gather information.  Over the next few weeks Chan and I will be working to bring you forms in formats you can most easily use.  For most, this means downloadable, printable pdf forms that will be completed by hand and mailed to SEBRA.

A much improved way, for those using computers, will be to use an "on-line" version of the form where you can type in the details, click Submit and have it update our database.  Of course there will be validation of content, you will need your member_id# and your pin# (contact me by email and I will provide them to you).
  1. But it will save a lot of time and a little bit of money each time you use it. No envelope, no stamp, no drive (and gas) to the Post Office, etc.
  2. Updates will not require Chan or her staff to get the mail, open, sort, update ...
  3. and it will all be very timely compared to "snail-mail".
In most cases, we are connecting a link to our secure PayPal account to permit you to pay the required fees when you complete the form. Again more savings of time and expense for you, and for SEBRA.

We hope you are all able and quick to move forward in this new area with SEBRA.

But in the meantime, click any form on the list to the left and you will be able to download and print it; you will still need to "snail-mail" OR ... return as an email attachment.
Gary Miller

Returning (and new) Members are very important to us!

Membership is one of our main sources of funds to support our year-end Annual Championship Finals. Each renewal assures us we are recognized as doing the kind of job expected of us. Keep up the memberships and thank you to each and everyone of you.

Chan Canter, Jeff Canter, and Gary Miller

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Series & Tours are a special situation ...

The first thing you have to do is locate your Series (or Tour) you want information about.

and you do that by clicking the "Series & Tours" menu to the left

You may click that link now ... then click the info-icon for more instructions.